File Genesis


Multimedia installation. 6 metal columns, 6 marble sculptures, 6 metal modules with led, 47` led screen and audio. Peripheral monitors and video projector (optional).

Installation of live digital art files creation 

12×1.5×1.30 m aprox. Variable size. 


The installation creates digital art files in real time during the exhibition. When the digital files are rendered, thanks to a custom software connected to Blender render motor, the files automatically are stored in the marble sculptures. The system recognized the finalization of the rendering process and looks for another 3D scene to render and again, when it´s finalized, stores a new file in the next marble document sculpture, which is provided with a memory stick inside.
The image is created with a filament layer composition, achieving a very poetical animation that keeps the spectator in front of the screen waiting for the result. This images talks about the origin of the image in the humankind, the culture, religion and myths with a post-internet aesthetic.
The floor modules are provided of a high performance computer with Arduino, reles and many other devices to manage the real time interpretation of the image information. The light and sounds that the installation emits, are based in the pixel information of the real time rendering, creating different ambients and luminosities.

Technological assistance: Toni Vaca

Electronic: Santiago Collado

Programming: José Luís Hidalgo

Supported by ESAT

Powered by ASUS

Images:  File Genesis. Centre de Cultura Contemporánea del Carmen.


5 enero 2017

Exhibited in

File Genesis exhibition. Centre de Cultura Contemporánea el Carmen. Valencia (Spain).