Inverse triangulation


Video installation with sound. Sound bell, videoprojection, computer, internet.


The software looks for the current position of the artist in real time each 4:33 minutes making a text to speech verbalization and projecting the results in the floor.


Critical text by Paul Waelder: 

Inverse Triangulation, the piece that completes Key Axis, refers precisely to the artist who, in a certain way, is trapped inside as an absent body. In the centre of the room, a projection on the floor shows a vertical scan of a body composed of a heat map that shows different areas in the three colors used in the other pieces. A synthetic voice recites every 4:33 minutes (in homage to the work composed by John Cage) the coordinates of the current geographical location of Solimán López. The reading of the coordinates, together with the visualization that is projected on the ground, gives a ghostly presence to the body that is not there but is constantly being located. Converted into data, the artist’s body can not fail to be present in the piece: technology does not allow absences, or silences.

Keywords: visual data, data transfer, geolocation, gps, light installation, led light, motors, random system.


Coordination: Beatriz Ingelmo.

Server programming: José Luis Jiménez.

Software collaboration: José Luis Hidalgo and Toni Vaca.








Developed in:




18 junio 2018

Exhibited in