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Archivos Atómicos, Harddiskmuseum

October 11th

October 11th

Public opening

October 11th-November 11th

The exhibition “Archivos Atómicos” presents the content of the Harddiskmuseum, an archive museum of unique works of art, conceived in 2013 and officially founded by the artist Solimán López at the end of 2014.

Initially conceived as a tribute to current contemporary creation, the Harddiskmuseum is a conceptual world reference on the new formats of contemporary art, in which digital archives play a fundamental role.

A large part of the work created today has its nature in these files which, with multiple extensions such as .jpg, .mov, .html, .mp3, .mp4, .gif and a long etcetera, generate a question about the future of humanity and art.

What will we do with this information in the future, what will be the protocols, motives and resources to store this information in a perennial way?

In 2019, the founder of the museum made a unique gesture in the history of museography by storing the Harddiskmuseum’s meta-data in DNA and encapsulating it in silica, a mineral that would store this symbolic copy almost forever.

The exhibition features the work of more than 140 artists of 40 nationalities, who have joined this growing initiative.

Video, static image, interactive, sound and 3D works make up a conceptual journey through the recent creation of “new media” art, offering the spectator a global look at the reality of the future.Archivos

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