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Solimán López presents us with OLEA, he brings us a mobile sculpture that contains in its interior the olive oil created by the artist, in whose composition he has incorporated artificially produced DNA molecules that respond
to the data of the OLEA cryptocurrency. With this, the work acquires a new dimension, becoming a biological support for its digital information.


OLEA by Soliman Lopez

This year for Arco, Soliman Lopez features the OLEA project in its physical and NFT version.

OLEA is a complete project that mixes biotechnology, history, conceptual and visual art and cryptography. In collaboration with the CSIC and specifically the Fat Institute of Seville, the artist has managed to produce a unique olive oil.

The particularity of this oil is that its composition contains DNA molecules that contain the synthesis of the OLEA cryptocurrency code. With this laboratory action, the artist has managed to unite in the same liquid two of the historical economies of humanity. On the one hand, the oldest and most physical, agriculture, with the newest and most intangible, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The project also seeks to revalue the product of the land, reflect on the origins of the value of things and is also a personal tribute to the artist’s family past.

OLEA is a historical work that is represented and acquired through the limited edition of this very special oil, which is found in different formats such as sculptural pieces, laboratory containers and of course NFTs that can be acquired independently or associated with the physical parts.


Methacrylate, metal, servo motor, olive oil 

1 x 1 x 30 cm

The work shows the OLEA coin spinning perpetually. In its agitated movement by the blades that generate the logo itself, the DNA molecule that contains the information of the cryptocurrency smart contract moves freely through the liquid. The front is engraved with the sequence of the DNA contained inside.

Swivel piece with adjustable constant rotation. The work is
installed in two parts, engine and rear and front with the liquid
properly sealed. Acrylic, stepper motor, protective box, olive oil
and regulator cable.

Petri plaques are the basis of work of a laboratory that works with DNA. In them, cultures of bacteria that replicate the molecules are made, for example.

This hermetically sealed edition contains a sample of
OLEA oil including the genetic material. This unit is
associated with the digital token.Unique
stereolithographic 3D printing with organic PLA.


Unique stereolithographic 3D printing with organic PLA I 120x120x20mm I The work is accompanied by 1 Unit of the OLEA Token


Printing on methacrylate

The way in which we can scientifically justify that the synthesized information is correctly present in the DNA is through electrophoresis.
A kind of x-ray of the wavelength of the DNA sequence. If the original unit of DNA corresponds to the size of the replicated sample, it means that the synthesis and replica have been successful.

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OLEA intends to create an
ecosystem of digital value. That is
why the second stage of the
project is based on a platform that
works as a farm of NFTs created
by the system itself.
We present a series of pieces that
can be directly acquired through
NFTs based on the SPACES
concepts, places in the metaverse
occupied by OLEA molecules.


Video animation certified by NFT on screen

Infinite object
45 seconds
Limited series according to edition
The work is accompanied by 1 Unit of the OLEA Token

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