Art and Speculative Futures, conference

Organized by the the Research Groups AGI (Art, Globalization, Interculturality) and AASD (Art, Architecture and Digital Society) from the University of Barcelona (UB), the Research Group Mediaccions from the  Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and Arts Santa Mònica.  27th, 28th, and 29th October, 2016 at the Department of Art History (UB). c/ Montalegre 6-8. 08001 Barcelona

Thinking about art from the prism of speculation may involve the creation of alternative futures. Introducing doubt, babbling, the “what ifs”, counter-memory against the ideal need of a primal origin (or source of meaning where we recognise each other) and being open to discontinuity, chance and materiality in history means asking ourselves if it is possible to both make and think about art in different ways. If it is possible to envision another history from other horizons of meaning, not so much to pursuit its truth but to question the meaning and the value embedded in the stories of our truths. This conference thus proposes to speculate about futures as contemporary fables producing truth effects imbued with ethical and political significance.

Solimán López was talking about his investigations about the Dataism term.

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