CELESTE exhibition at Veles E Vents

Amstel Art, the cultural programmer opened in Valencia, presents “Celeste the new artwork by Soliman López», one of the most relevant media artist in the emergent international scene. The proposal offers a romantic view applied to the this space, many times branded of cold and heartless that are the digital and the new technologies.

The exhibition is based on the creation of real time registers from the heaven, thanks to an «sculpture» that is permanently looking to the sky during the exhibition. This beacon sends images to the server that are processed, creating degraded digital landscapes based on RGB values resulting the sky capture with more data such as timestamps, humidity or trending topic hashtag. Valencia will the first place of this installation that will travel to London and Paris in the next months.
User could visit the real time artwork in http://celeste.solimanlopez.com from next March 31th where the visitor could download unique sky moments.

Social presentation of this proposal will take place next Friday, March 31 at 20:30h and could be visited during April.

Developed in ESAT LAB with:
Technical assistance: Toni Vaca.
Graphic programming: José Luís Hidalgo.
Web programming: José Luís Jiménez.