Curation for the D_Skin Pavilion in the Wrong Biennale

Solimán López curating the D_Skin Pavilion in the Wrong Biennale.

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Curatorial resume:

Attending to the features of the Wrong Biennale and its conditions and possibilities, Solimán López presents a concept of digital pavilion built through the metaphor of the seconds skins. The screen, and the digital itself, propose a layer of purity and good looking even the contents has been created in the really far past. The surface of what it is behind the screen, is also a prosthetic layer that configures the virtual world as an space of infinite opportunities with no human footprints.
With the photography evolution, and of course the viewer changes, the skin and what represents has been change too.
The human shapes can be a field of testings, exploring the possibilities of its own familiar structure, taking advantage of the new three dimensional technologies and be the canvas for the contemporary creation and aesthetics.
The D_Skin pavillion tries to explores the meaning of the skin in the digital environments and how this skin represents our final layer of communication, amplifyed with the application of new technologies in browsers such as webgl and its integration of three modelling.
The idea is to create 10 different overlapped concept to the same character by the hand of 10 different digital artists, playing with the position of the curator as a support for the creativity, a role than only can be played in the digital world and with this new points of view and technology applications.
Solimán López propose the digital intervention in a figured three dimensional portrait, becoming the canvas and war field to express the latest contemporary views thanks to stills or moving images projected as a texture of this mesh created by 10 international digital artists.
Technique: Webgl interface based in the Three js library, with 10 different last layer models created by 10 different artists.

The list of the chosen artist is:

Rubén Tortosa, Klaus Fruchtnis, Inma Femenía, Julia Puyo Calvo, Mitch Posada, Erik Zepka, TTY, Karim Borjas and Kamilia Kard who also create the «Lucky charms for dinner» pavilion with the presence of Solimán López: