File Genesis in Variations Media Art Fair

Part of the project «File Genesis» will be shown from tomorrow Tuesday 14th until next 25th in Variation Media Art Fair, organized by ArtJaws in the Cité internationale des arts, 18, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville in Paris.
The art fair is curated by Dominique Moulon.After the opening of «Open Codes» in ZKM art Center, Solimán López will be the only Spanish artist participating in this international fair. This year, the fair also is part of the Biennale Nemo.File Genesis, the project created for the same name exhibition in El Carmen Centro de Cultura Contemporánea (Valencia, Spain) and ETOPIA Center for Art and Technology (Zaragoza, Spain), displays a repository of digital art files created during the mentioned exhibition as a real time digital creation.With this mentioned exhibitions in Germany and French, Solimán is securing his international presence, sharing rooms with big artist such as Eduardo Kac, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C.Clarke or Harum Farocki, as next that are part of Variation Media Art Fair:
AES + F / Hélène Bellenger / Samuel Bianchini / Thibault Brunet / Martin Bricelj Baraga / James Yuxi CAO / Charles Carmignac / Grégory Chatonsky / Pascal Dombis / Mark Dorf / Thierry Fournier / Virgile Fraisse / Benjamin Gaulon / Claudia Hart / Pascal Haudressy / Eduardo Kac / Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos / LAb[au] / Jean-Benoit Lallemant / Pe Lang / Fabien Léaustic / Lawrence Lek / Marie Lelouche / Solimán López / Xavier Lucchesi / Mathieu Merlet-Briand / Jonathan Monaghan / Philippe Perrin / Lucie Planty / Bertrand Planes / Sabrina Ratté / Po Sim Sambath / Nicolas Schöffer / Stéphane Simon / Dominique Sirois / Jeanne Susplugas / Javiera Tejerina Risso / Myriam Thyes / Katie Torn / Lukas Truniger /Miyö Van Stenis / Mégane Voghell.Currently, Solimán López is preparing his participation as guess artist for the Digital Art Biennial of Brazil (Rio du Janeiro and Belo Horizonte) and the solo show «Key Codes» for the CAB (Burgos, Spain), among other projects and interventions.