NetArt Exhibition at Internet Moon Gallery

Full Moon March 12th, 2017

Bridges to Steganos, a hidden digital art exhibition:

Digital art is made of files. Files are made of information. Art is information. Information is made of code. Code is a language. A language hides secrets. Gestures, play on words. Ancient iconography, has a lot of second lectures inside each canvas.

Artist used to include secret meanings to the images that they created. A machiavellian game, funny one, but only for few people who knew how to read the image, the hidden information. In our era, the information is a tool, a bargaining chip to achieve dark purposes, and this is happening all the time thanks to one thing. Digital files. They travel all around the world, been downloaded, send, sold and acquired. But, can a digital artwork stores hidden information? The answer is yes, and this is what is happen in “Bridges to steganos”. Internet Moon Gallery becomes the platform to stores digital art files that are hidden unrevealed information.The user must to navigate through the virtual degraded spaces to find the augmented data. You could download many files, but only the high level users, could achieve the real meaning of this exhibition.
Visit online exhibition here: