The artist is now in front of an old house in an outfit that indicates his intentions. The sign outside the building, stating that this is the house of ‘The Internet’ comes to contradict the viewer’s first impression that the image refers to the past. On the contrary, the sign of the Internet implies that the old house is inhabited by something contemporary, an element though that has to be cleaned, washed, exterminated or just reset. The inside of the building is in accordance with its external appearance. It looks abandoned and mysterious but yet beautiful and charming. There is no sign of viruses or anything that would remind us of the World Wide Web but the body that has come to ‘fix’ it continues the cleaning process as if he has put himself in a completely normal situation. In any case, the chosen tools for the process match perfectly the surroundings, making an ironic comment on the contemporaneity of the virtual network that is somehow present there. The artist finally leaves the house in the same way he entered, without having left any visual traces.
Lena Theodoropoulou
Theorist and Art Curator

Statistics say that we used in a lawful manner only 20% of internet.
An old house…full of textures represents INTERNET.
A weird character emerges from the dark to clean it, to wash it,to detoxify it. This place, it´s Internet, it is full of trash, but some kind of objects reminds us the beauty, the classic, the necessity to reset.
The picture series is made like a sequence of a visit to this place, the cleaning action on the inside and the departure from the place that still remains the same.
The performance took place the 14/07/2013 in Mercouri Estate (Greece)