According to Gadamer’s art theories, art is play and play is being played. Interactivity in the work of art is not a new issue. Everyone who plays is interacting at an unconscious level. Physically there are many ways to participate in a work. In this case, that public intervention is completing the work. The artist presents the basics of the game for the viewer to continue the artistic work. In this case, in a closed cabin is configured pitch work. Using red paint mark the spaces of the game, the black areas defines “in-out”. Like a 3D tennis court is involved, the viewer continues the “action painting” tennis ball dipped in black paint, then invites you to throw them in confined spaces for play. The result is a dripping around the room, which is smeared with drops of paint, traces of yellow ball and tennis balls. The installation was performed for Periferias07 Festival in Huesca in the Old Seminary of that city.


Painting area

Exhibited in:

Festival periferias, Huesca. Spain.


Produced in ESAT with Toni Vaca in collaboration with LedDream and Ubox Technologies.