Conceived as a sculpture/interface that obtains biometric color and sound data from the environment. The work is activated with a noise level higher than the one configured to start making a visual sweep that is altered by the sound wave. With this material, the sculpture offers a digital abstraction.

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Interactive Sculpture

Massive aluminium 100x100x20cm. Screen, microphone, HD camera, mini PC and custom software.

C-prints variable size and video projection. / C-print uniques. / Sculpture: Limited serie of 6 uds.

Portraits from BIOMA

Exhibitions List


Mi Gallery, Paris, France
Museo Es Baluard, Mallorca, Spain
Cigarreras, Alicante, Spain
Digital Media Design Education International Forum, Shanghai, China.


Produced in ESAT
with Toni Vaca, José Luis Ijos and José Luis Hidalgo.