Conceived as a sculpture/interface that obtains biometric color and sound data from the environment. The work is activated with a noise level higher than the one configured to start making a visual sweep that is altered by the sound wave. With this material, the sculpture offers a digital abstraction that can be visualized and downloaded at


Installation: Massive aluminium 100x100x20cm. Screen, microphone, HD camera, mini PC and custom software.

C-prints variable size and video projection. / C-print uniques. / Sculpture: Limited serie of 6 uds.

Net piece

Exhibited in:

Mi Gallery, Paris, France / Museo Es Baluard, Mallorca, Spain / Cigarreras, Alicante, Spain / Digital Media Design Education International Forum, Shanghai, China.


Produced in ESAT with Toni Vaca, José Luis Ijos and José Luis Hidalgo.