Bioma is an sculpture that works as an interface to collect data from the exhibition´s environment and it´s visitors. Thanks to a sound sensor that picks up the user sounds, the piece reacts and activates itself to make a scan of what is in front of to create digital abstractions.
With a high reference to the idea of social networks profiles, these abstractions presented as a circular format, create a new option of digital identity. Also the sculpture offers an access with a unique reference corresponding to a digital art file, which the user can recover visiting the website by just typing the code printed by the piece in a ticket.
With this artwork the artist focus on the idea of creating digital files obtained from the environment such as the sky or the human body itself.
Visit to observe the already created digital profiles.

Date: 2017-2019
Exhibited in:: Mi Galery, Paris (FR) // Matadero Madrid, Madrid (SP) // Cigarreras, Alicante (SP) // Es Baluard, Palma de Mallorca (SP) // Internation Design Forum, Shanghai (CH)
Details:: Aluminium sculpture interface with camera, microphone, CPU, screen and thermal print. 95x95x20cm. Raspberrycam, humedity sensor, temperature sensor, power source, 3D printed plastic case, cable, crystal dome. Fine art prints of unique files. Undefined serie. Website. Installation completed with videoprojection or high format screen and C-print. 
Keywords: interactive art, portraits, c-print, sculpture, interface, identity
Credits: Technological assistance: Toni Vaca.
Connection Web Programming: José Luís Jiménez.
Graphic Programming: José Luís Hidalgo and Javier Sánchez
Developed in ESAT LAB