Celeste embodies the idea of the digital unification of different skies in different locations around the world. Through a beacon equipped with the necessary material to capture the image of the sky in real time, the system extracts the colours obtained and combines them in a new digital interface that can be visited at or through different types of installation.
During the night in any of the locations, the system goes into «sleep» mode, accessing a database of images of ideal skies mixed with colour alterations.

Net piece



Installation: Video projection/Sreen. C-print images. Flexible screen installation.


Beacon: 3D printed PLA plastic sculpture. Mini PC, HD mini camera. SIM Wifi connection. Plastic transparent protection dome.

Installed at:

Veles e Vents, Valencia, Spain / La Lonja Alicante, Spain / Scan Room Londres, UK / Mi Gallery, Paris, France / Parque Explora, Medellín, Colombia / Museo de la Tertulia, Cali, Colombia / Planetario Bogotá, Colombia / Casa América, Madrid, España.


Produced in ESAT with Toni Vaca, José Luis Ijos and José Luis Hidalgo / Graphic interface V.2 by Nathan Guerry / Supported by Spanish Embassy Colombia.