Fisher Price

The screen is all time lying to us. The digital image is an interpretation of data. We are trapped in a net of confusion in the worldwide net, like a fish. The digital fish is swimming in the screen in a perpetual choreography, controlled and happy to be analyzed. The installation also alludes to the short term memory provoked by the digital device with image capture. Our mind get relaxed in the same moment that we click the photo button. Our memory forgets the moment because knows that it´s recorded in the device, and we get trapped in a loop of infomaniac actitudes.
The installation is provided by Gandia Blasco sofa design, inviting the spectator to lie down and enjoy the show. A big url made by a conceptual text about the piece is projected. If the user type the complete url can download the Fisher Price video.

Date: 2017
Exhibited in:: CCCC, Valencia (SP) // Etopía, Zaragoza (SP)
Details:: Video installation. 18 monitors in a 9x7 nylon net, 2 splitters, Raspberry Phi. 6x10x4 m aprox. Variable size. Video looping 3`
Keywords: video installation, net screens and video controller.
Credits: Technological assistance: Toni Vaca Sofa
Supported by ESAT
Images:  File Genesis. Centre de Cultura Contemporánea del Carmen.