Photo interactive with Augmented reality thanks to AURASMA app.
C-print on paper.

Three vehicles are photographed in front of three different backgrounds. Their original use would be the transportation of their user to a different location. In these pictures though they remain still and yet active, as the logo designed on them has now become a means of transport. The viewer, through the free mobile application AURASMA can use them for a digital relocation on the web. What kind of information is encrypted though? While the vehicle originally would take its user wherever they would chose, now it is the artist that has decided the virtual relocation of the viewer, commenting on the secret and censored internet information.
Lena Theodoropoulou
Theorist and Art Curator

Internet censorship in the Popular Republic of China is conducted under different laws and rules created by the government since 1996. To apply it have built a great firewall able to filter the content that is published, this may be accomplished by filtration  lists IP blocked, censored keywords, DNS poisoning, and more. It is also estimated that Internet has brigades made up 30,000 members, who seek to control the content through the application of the laws. Since the implementation of the firewall have been several conflicts with companies like Google and have been criticized by government prosecution for publishing dissenting opinions in Internet.