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Understand “Followus”/Enteder “Followus”
According to the famous theory “Six Degrees of Separation” of Frigyes Karinthy, we are separated from any other person in the world
by 6 degrees..
This theory has become more famous,
has been established in the “gossip” common and we all speak.

The public establishment via online social networks is a central factor. From a historical perspective and epistemological perspective, social networks have been studied since the late eighteenth century. Humanity is itself a social network, formerly called a clan or a group. Thinking from the sole proprietorship to the global, now the macro and micro-groups are interconnected, labeled and grouped sectorally by tastes, actions, comments or just preferences. Social networking has come to revolutionize the way we communicate and share our mainly contains stuff outside. But like other great invention by mankind, social networks have intrinsic antagonistic issues counter to the concept of the social.
Privacy, appropriation, crowd control, social alienation, ridicule or denunciation are elements that intertwine in our social networks. That awareness and evidence that we are social beings, creates a feeling of belonging and social responsibility record. Professionally and personally we are committed to use a channel? that defines us as humans, but contains strong behind-the-scene control tools, and consumer persuasion. The choice is simple and clear, you can feel persuaded to participate in the network, or stay on the sidelines.
Both choices have their pros and cons, but certainly are important decisions today. It means to be in the network or live outside it. Not about modernity and tradition, it is virtual or physical nature of global or individual, to share or be shared.
In ancient times, the current stories were told using great relief friezes where myths and heroes are glimpsed through a window into the story, complicated and difficult positions. Friezes of the classical world spoke of wishes, stories and eloquence as well as gains and losses and values that society should see and admire.


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Mapping videoprojected on body
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Inauguración 04 Muestra De Artes Digitales Audiovisuales Y Tecnologías Contemporáneas. Madatac.

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