FramedMemoryCard V.01

FramedMemoryCard responds to an open serie of unique sculptures that becomes a receipt of digital information where the artist “bury” several files under the sculpture structure.
It is defined us an information package hard protected with material such as massif aluminium in this case. The contained information inside of the storage devices becomes an enigma for the public and only the artist and the future own knows about the content held inside.
The owner is free to open the sculpture, as if it were an industrial device, to reveal the inside and can do whatever he wants with the content found.
Memory card are actually one of the smaller devices to hold information in the market, are the celluloid of our time and in it´s own name has intrinsic the hard and recurrent term of memory.
Artist tries with this kind of pieces to reveal that the art is a repository of information and how this information has to be carefully maintained.
The pieces are with this high specific weight (massif aluminium) an infranqueable volume looking directly to the art market, playing with the buyer and the artist, the fetiche, analog and digital and the speeches among space and time contained in the digital intangible.

Date: 2016
Exhibited in:: Galería Punto, Valencia, Spain // Just Mad, Madrid, Spain // Mi Gallery, Paris, France.
Details:: Massif anodized aluminium. 8Gb Memory Card, adhesive vynil and laser serigraphy. Memory card has more than 4 Gb of secret information. Weight: 20 kg aprox. Size: 34 x 45 x10 cm
Keywords: sculpture, conceptual art, files, stored