The project is conceived as a self-generative installation that builds an audiovisual symphony in real time, through the WIFI signal from nearby mobile devices.

Indoor installation

Indoor installation: Artificial fog machine x2 (it depends the space), 4k videoprojection, receptor sculpture, sound system, plastic surface and low light gallery.

Outdoor installation

Public installation: 2 Video projection 4k, 4 artificial fog machines, peripheral sound system, 2x screen structures.


Pieces: C-print variable size.

Video real time sculpture: FHD video animation interface video. Variable size.

Album GRID V-1-10

Exhibited in:

Nuit Blanche Paris 2019, Place de la Bourse, Paris France // Centro Cultural Parque España Rosario, Argentina.


Produced in ESAT with Toni Vaca / Supported by Espacio Lab, Rosario Argentina / Visual interface in collaboration with Javier Casadidio.