An audiovisual symphony created by an artificial intelligence software, manipulated in real time thanks to the Wifi signals from devices around 40 square meters. The piece, attends to the debate about the personal and public data, the data mining and the stratification of the digital identities in our era.
The project aims to visualised what is hidden and wants to trace a link between the digital and the physical presence, the personal data and the collective constructions.

GRID details:
The sounds is obtained in diferente live performances or exhibitions that takes place in specific moments and locations. Unique moments for a unique content created thanks to the participants.
- 3D printed antenna Wifi sculpture
- large scale video projection
- artificial dense fog
- sound system
- screen structures
- indoor - outdoor installation
- custom software
- computer

Curated by Carlos Sánchez

Date: 2019
Exhibited in:: Nuit Blanche Paris 2019. Place de la Bourse
Keywords: 3d, interactive, wifi, machine learning, artificial intelligence, interface, real time, devices.
Details: Installation multimedia. Antenna sculpture, sound, artificial fog and videoprojection
Credits: Sponsored by ESAT and AECID España. // Interface in collaboration with Javier Casididio