Interactive installation. Sculpture, video and c-printings and netart web www.002fa7.com

Lacquered wooden, metacrilate, screen with one blue pixel and magnifying glass, screen, c-print on PVC and crystal droppers.

300 x 250 x 30 cm aprox.

In 1962, the artist Yves Klein patented, registered and endorsed what would be called as International Klein Blue or Blue Klein (IBK). A color tone obtained by manipulating the ultramarine blue extracted from lapislazuli stone and with the contribution of certain binders the blue endowing a special velvety texture.

In 2016, the multimedia artist, Solimán López, takes up and updates the intention of Klein, developing an equivalence between the IBK tones and Hexadecimal tones compounds for represent color screens through pixels. Thus, the result is the hexadecimal # 002fa7 tone, the artist hereunder licensed intellectual property to develop it through a series of artistic works that are based on this registration and ownership of a web color. The purpose of this appropriation of a hexadecimal tone lies in the artistic intention to question the ownership of the digital elements today, as well as the power in the representation of content on the web or digital world.

Visit #002fa7 website here.


Technology development: Toni Vaca.

Video animation: Guillem Zaballos.

Images:  JustMad7. COAM, Madrid. 2016.