High Meshes

Digital revolution has implicit determined behaviours and consequences in the relation that the body and what it means has with his closest environment and now, more than ever, with a new environment that now is itself, scenario and living space. Virtual space now, has the connotation from the real and the tangible, being legitimated to be, signifies and to contain a big part of ourselves. Artificial intelligence and all its entails, becomes a winner horse, helping us to interpret and to knowing in a better way what is all around us, creating new connections that our own eyes are not able to achieve by its own. The body can be related with its plenty, from the macro and micro point of view with other bodies, establishing relations that never has been possible before. Tracing visual bridges, conceptual and etymological one, that with no doubt, can be part of a new imaginary and resignification of the skin, now, hybridised for the assumption of another world is possible and it is in the digital. HIGH MESHES is based in the construction of a digitised bodies data base done with photogrammetry for feeding a machine learning algorithm that will offer to the artist the opportunity to create a serial pieces and digital art artworks that will show a new way for visualising the skin and the human features and its historial possibilities of representation.

Date: 2019
Exhibited in:: CCCC Valencia & BARCÚ Bogotá
Keywords: 3d, interactive, body, machine learning, artificial intelligence, render, skin, data.
Details: Installation and performance. C-prints, video, sculpture, documentation, photo dome, interactive software.
Credits: In collaboration with MyMe