In the age of reification, we question the organisational models of digital communities and societies.

Borders, sexual, religious, ethical and moral identities are being updated across the board. The displacement of religion in favour of science and the emergence of artificial intelligence are defining new sociological and administrative models that have no precedent.

Now, we need new metaphors to create communities, to live in harmony and to be part of the same ecosystem where what is important is not what we represent, but who we are.

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HIGH MESHES is the creation of a micro community of real people scanned in 3D by photogrammetry. This information constitutes a database that feeds artificial intelligence software. This brings bodies together based on their purely numerical information without regard to racial, sexual, religious, political or cultural issues.

There are two stages of production of HIGH MESHES. The first is a monumental installation which aims to photograph naked, voluntary subjects. An approach that speaks of collective intimacy and digital birth. The installation is a cocoon in organic colors that invites the viewer to register the reliefs of his body. By assembling these individuals whose alterities here take on a trigonometric sense, Solimán López comes, in a second step, to compose new forms thanks to AI, demonstrating the possibility of a world without discrimination.

The new utopian communities of the artist composed of more than 150,000,000 polygons are exhibited from several angles, these new geometric volumes devoid of any soul question the exhibition of new creatures in history. The physical movement around and in the material introduces the viewer sometimes as a voyeur, sometimes as a witness or even sometimes taking on the role of the mad scientist in his virtual laboratory. The piece High Meshes offers a poetic immersion in Virtual Reality, in 3D, impressions, augmented reality or immersive installations.

Collective Meshes

High meshes is a serie of texture from human data. The artist playing with the limit of those littles triangles, how the information contained in each mesh transforms, adapts to generate other bodies.

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Video 2.5m – 2018


HIGH MESHES floating bodies


C-print methacrylate.


Human material

Sculpture 10m diamètre


Rigid skin

Plexi plié de200Cmx60cm

Data Base creation installation

Data Base creation installation is a participative installation. In photogrametrie dôme, nakad people are invité to trust in 400 canon camera to offer the modélisation of their skin to the data-base of an artist.

Data base center

Data Base creation installation: Metallic dome with nylon, illumination system, 100 HD cameras, 4 mac Mini and 2 monitors.

Installation In/Outdoor

Immersives installation make you plunge like a foreign body into the macro of hybrid entities whose cells are angular facets.


Immersive installation:

Video projection 4k, 2 artificial fog machines, sound system, 8 acrylic UVI printing (at least).
Low light space

Exhibitions List


CCCC Valencia, SPAIN.
Barcú Bogotá, COLOMBIA,
Ellia Gallery Paris, FRANCE.


Leucade, Murcia. Spain.


Data base in collaboration with

Inti Gallardo

Intramurs Festival

Supported by

Harddisks2dio Production