High meshes is based on the creation of a micro community of real people scanned in 3D by photogrammetry. This information builds a database that feeds a software with artificial intelligence that gathers the bodies according to their purely digital information, without regard to racial, sexual, religious, political or cultural issues.

Data base installation

Data Base creation installation: Metallic dome with nylon, illumination system, 100 HD cameras, 4 mac Mini and 2 monitors.

Immersive installation

Immersive installation: Video projection 4k, 2 artificial fog machines, sound system, 8 acrylic UVI printing (at least). Low light space.


Pieces: Acrylic UVI printings. 210x100x0,0,5 cm.

Video: 2-4k. Duration: 3min.

IG Filter

Exhibited in:

CCCC Valencia, Spain. Barcú Bogotá, Colombia, Ellia Gallery Paris, France.


Data base in collaboration with MYME3D / Coordination Inti Gallardo / Produced into Intramurs Festival / Supported by ESAT