Visual interface that locates the presence of the artist in his latitude and longitude during the exhibition period every 4:33 minutes, as a tribute to John Cage’s silences, silences that are impossible nowadays thanks to the new technologies of location and control.  Through the interface the public can also share their position.
The work is available in sculptural format, video installation or projection.


Screen installation

Video installation: LED module display. 6x4m. Sound system. Computer. Internet.


Sculpture installation: Wooden / Metal structure. Acrylic transparent piece. Screen of 50 inch. Sound directional dome.


Video projection installation: Projector, sound direction dome, computer, custom software.

Exhibited in:

CAB Burgos, Spain / Mobile Week Barcelona, Spain Awards / Barcú, Bogotá, Colombia.


Produced in ESAT in collaboration with Ubox Technologies.