Making disappear the Kosuth´s chair

C-Print, 3D Video Animation, 3D rendering and video.

Video performance and documentation installation.

Size: Variable

Project is made of an artwork series, with photography, video performance, animations and stills images of the digital Kosuth´s chair and how the artist play with this concept.

«In One and Three Chairs, Joseph Kosuth represents one chair three ways: as a manufactured chair, as a photograph, and as a copy of a dictionary entry for the word “chair.” The installation is thus composed of an object, an image, and words.

Kosuth didn’t make the chair, take the photograph, or write the definition; he selected and assembled them together. But is this art? And which representation of the chair is most “accurate”? These open-ended questions are exactly what Kosuth wanted us to think about when he said that “art is making meaning.” By assembling these three alternative representations, Kosuth turns a simple wooden chair into an object of debate and even consternation, a platform for exploring new meanings.» Source: MoMA Learning.

But Kosuth doesn´t makes the digital version of this famous artwork and this what this artwork is talking about.

Solimán López makes a game with instructions to make disappear one of the most conceptual artwork in the art history, showing the possibilities that the digital art brings to us, and remarking the intangible nature of this kind of art.

The piece it´s conceived as an update of the original artwork but with the digital language trying to legitimate this kind of art.

The performance took place in Valencia April, 20th with the next eyewitnesses:

Guillem Zaballos, Fran Mengual, Inma Femenía, David Bahílo, Mara Domínguez, Marta Tello, Lu López, Carmen Frontera, and Alberto Adsuara.
Recorded in ESAT (Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología) .

Thanks to Guillem Zaballos for his collaboration with the 3D modelling and to Toni Vaca for his technical support with the 360º video.

Credits: Documentation (video and photo) by Alberto Adsuara.