A TV stands in an empty room, showing the image of an ancient sculpture. On top of the TV a piece of meat is rotting slowly, giving life to the frozen screen and transforming the image of the ancient cold marble. Having already introduced technology to nature, Solimán López takes a step back in order to expand his original artistic questions, putting the notions of communication and history in the picture. The raw meat, pure flesh with no other distinctive characteristics could equally refer to the human body or to a wild animal. In any case, this coalition between human and nature stands in contradiction but yet close to the immobile representation of history on a still screen.
In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas/ corpora; (“I intend to speak of forms changed into new entities ;”), writes Ovid, in the opening lines of the poem Metamorphosis. In the same spirit and following the Latin poet’s belief in constant change, López presents a visual amalgam of the forces that form the current natural and social narration, opening up some space for their critical approach.
Lena Theodoropoulou
Theorist and Art Curator

Ovid spoke about 4 ages in the evolution of man. Some ages corresponding to different states of both social and technological evolution. In this case, the meat symbolizes the passage from a state of real, tangible and palpable that morphs into the digital world. A new age is born. Digital.