More than 404

Repository artpiece.
Folder with than 2.212 casual glitched files to be free downloaded.

Variable sizes

Thinking about the nature of the digital corruption, we can expose two ways to proceed. First one is to make an artificial file manipulation with any software or app available. On the other hand we can obtain a file corruption in a natural and accidental way. This kind of issues causes a lot of confusion, a little frustation and misunderstanding (sometimes also there is a big budget to recover the broke files) in the user, but this situation can create a state of art thanks to the free thinking of the computer. This is the point of “More than 404”. An accidental digital confusion re-writes miles of glitched files with an incredible aesthetic, color and concept that are compiled in a zip file.

Each images seems to be the same, but just open it with a browser software or any other to manage images like Photoshop to notice the digital conversion magic.

You can download for free this error and mistake tribute of 1212 real broken files of Solimán López thanks to a failed hard drive.

NOTE: files are not manipulated just obtained from a failed disc directly.

If the link below doesn´t works, please go here.