V-print on Kapton.

Digital file manipulated with databending technique.

Size: 160 x 210 cm.

Kapton material was developed in sixties by Dupont, a chemistry american company.

From the very beginning it was one of the main used materials by aeronautics industries for it´s hot and radiation isolates properties what was become in the ideal prophylactic for the spacecrafts.

In nineties it joined as material for the emergency blankets, used for ill, lost or corpses cover, to preserve it in the best way before arriving to the hospital or forensic.

In this context, Prophylexis artworks uses this material as a base or canvas to print different manipulated images through databending techniques. Images are obtained by ESA repository from satellites currently orbiting.

Artist tries with this open graphic way to represents how information about space discovers and it´s relation with the life origin are been protected by government agencies for not to destabilize the world peace and the religions faith.

The blankets works as a support to show the samples and to glimpse a reflexion about life origin and it´s connotations in our actual way of life.

Visually the piece holds as a curtain from the height moving and stirring with the spectator passing by.