REPSAT // Rosetta Version

Interactive installation
3D printed litophanies, Raspberry Pi, led lights, camera, presence sensor, cable, custom mother board, custom software.

Repsat uses the latest 3D printing technology and it´s conversion from digital files to printed format.

Through this conversion we obtain three dimensional models in low relief called litophanies. This litophanies when are retroiluminated works as a bitmap in black and white.

Result is like a visual magic that shows it´s conversion in real time, playing with the spectator and it´s perception.

The piece is made of 15 litophanies that glows with a custom and intelligent programming which detects the human presence and generates different lighting patterns.

Printed images are a conversion of the pictures takes to the 67P/Churiumov-Guerasimenko comet by the ESA in the Rosetta mission during the years 2014-15.Has been selected 15 images that shows the comet rotation.

When this images are retroiluminated the eye can appreciate the movement of the comet in a visual and cinematrographic experience.Installation also is provided by an interactive interface prepared for download unique manipulated images thanks to 15 pendrives thar are available and thar are included on the assembly.

The owner of the piece obtains a unique masterkey pendrive which reset the system and prepares it to expend new 15 images.

In this moment, the piece takes a picture of the person who is in front of, making a feedback or giving and receiving visual information.

The piece talks about how the new technologies are allowing us to to discover spaces and concept ever imagined and how this information can be modified and distort for different social and cultural  interest. The art as a communication interface is one of the keys to understand the piece.

Credits: Developed in Printable.


Pictures: Fran Mengual, Nacho Agraid and Solimán López.