Spinning around the disk

Interactive installation.

Proximity sensor, 8 hard disks, 8 motors, 2 custom motherboards, cables, 3D printed structure, website sound repository and screen with Raspberry Pi in Kiosko mode.

Size: Variable. 220 x 150 cms aprox.


The piece is compose by 8 hard disk without any information inside and an info screen.

Each disk is laser serigraphied with a unique code that corresponds with an extension of the artist URL where are held digital conversions between image and sound. This conversion can be downloaded by the visitor throug the link provided by the piece. The images over the conversion is done corresponds to the biggest image in the world taked by the Hubble telescope of the Andromeda Gallaxy.

The images has been fragmented in 8 pieces, and the pixels obtained are the number that is represented in each disk cover. The artist uses a device that commonly holds information as an interface to connect with a secret content hosted in a personal cloud.

The piece is conceived as an interactive installation because the disk spins when detects the spectator presence, making more difficult to the user to obtain the final url that gives access to the final information.

The piece is accompanied with a screen which leads to the user through the interaction available.

Conceptually the artist pretends to make an analogy about digital world and the plausible universe and how easy is to manipulate the information in both contexts.

Credits: Developed in collaboration with Droide Comunidad.


Video explanation: