The digital facade is intervened with a new skin that comes from photogrammetry portraits. This textures shows underneath a collection of data from the image itself, DNA sequences and motion capture files. All the information is created in real time with a data base of textures and text data, generating new relations between the images, the texture, the movement and the fake architectonical new structure.

Date: 2019
EXHIBITED IN : EP7 Paris. France
Keywords : visual data, photogrammetry, real time, skin, code, dna, image, picture, portrait, identityolocation.
Details: Real time video data public installation. Variable
curated by: Aleksandra smilek
team: 3D programming_Ismael Castellanos Technical assistance_Toni Vaca 3D assistance_Fernando Lara Special thanks to_Beatriz Ingelmo and Carlos Sánchez.