Performance serie Variable duration. Documentation. Workshop and live participation. An intervention inspired by Ives Klein and his "antropometries" where the artist makes some kind of painting using the human body as a brush, living behind a print of its own skin. In this case, Klein uses the body as a tool. This idea is mixed with the Neufert investigations about the body as a measurement of our space. All together conforms the Tecnometries (term invented and registered by the artist), a live performance in which Solimán López makes real measurements of the museum space thanks to digital devices with personal information of the spectators or workshop participants. The artist makes signals in the floor that works as an big one ruler loaded of a lot of sense and digital equivalences. With this action, we make a real reflexion about the digital information and how its held in devices that are configuring our environment. Technology becomes, with this action, as the "measurement of the things". The artwork is conceived as a work in progress, a open process currently done in Matadero Madrid (Summa Art Fair), CAC of Málaga and IVAM of Valencia.

Date: 2016
Exhibited in:: CAC Málaga // Matadero Madrid // IVAM Valencia
Keywords: performance, data art
Details: Performance, telephone or hard drive, paper, ink