The Messenger

The project is introduced with ‘the Arrival’, the arrival of the body of the artist that will uncover the TV sleeping on the beach. He will try to return it back to the sea, but as this action appears to be impossible, the artist will have to work on the coexistence of technology with nature. A first experiment of this interaction is ‘The Attached’, a series of photos where the human body and technology are trying to find their position in the natural environment they inhabit. This experiment will be interrupted by “The Incident”, with its final resolution being ‘The Hosting”, the unification of the three powers in a single, aesthetically impressive formation.
Lena Theodoropoulou
Theorist and Art Curator

The Messenger describes a physical relationship with digital communication as a concept and object identified with television. This communication comes to our environment, it has been acquired, creating a break in our natural environment and finally establishes a physical part in our body.

Project in formed by:

The Arrival (videoinstalation)

The Attachment (digital Print)

The Incident (videoprojection)

The Hosting (digital Print)