Conceived as a piece in progress, The Runner consists of the virtual creation of characters that metaphorically travel through the «internet» space. Their incessant running leaves a trail of digital data, such as distances, calories or pixels, all of which is altered by the interaction of the spectator or web visitor.

Indoor installation

Indoor installation: Video projection or Led screen. HD cam. Sound system. Low light room.

Outdoor installation

Public installation: Led/Screen. HD camera.

Netart piece

Netart: Threejs library based platform. Real time data.


Exhibited in:

CEART Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain / Palacio la Prensa, Gran Vía, Madrid, Spain / Barcú, Bogotá, Colombia / Port Authority, New York, E.E.U.U


Produced in ESAT with Ismael Castellanos / Produced in New York with Coolture. / Threejs version coded by Jono Brandel.