Solo Exhibition «The ReCollector» at Mi* Galerie, Paris

The ReCollector project is a match between the image and its digitalization process, which is treated by the artist on software to present it as a new experience, turned into a digital file: this is the core of his artistic research. “ReCollector” describes this brand new experiment, where we collect – and “re-collect” – data to get a new virtual dimension.

In that instance, ReCollector will be composed of the following works:

Bioma: this piece invites us to define again the standard user’s profile and generate accurate data (localization, date, chromatic scale, etc.).

File Genesis – Memory 00: a marble sculpture with a “USB-memory” that backs up archives: isolated information, which is hidden and unique. The files originate from prints that are presented in the exhibition.

Celeste: this work records countless chromatic scales from the sky. Like a filter, it gets the color of the sky light and saves the files depending on their configuration in the sky.

ReCollector proposes a dynamic model of acquisitions, with a great variety of unique pieces that are transfiguring the common. The latter is simply a unique moment we can share or not. But daily or occasionally, it remains a key moment for the user.

This project brings updates the meaning of romanticism or even decisive moments in Photography with a high level of conceptualism in digital and new technologies.

This project will be presented at Mi Galerie in Paris; a gallery specialized in digital art and exhibits international and French contemporary artists.


Developed in ESAT LAB with:
Technical assistance: Toni Vaca.
Connectivity: Javier Sánchez.
Web programming: José Luís Jiménez.

Mi Gallerie:
23 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris, Francia.