«Some are running» netart piece for the Lucky Charm for dinner Wrong Pavilion.

Regarding to the topic proposed by Kamilia Kard for her pavilion in the Wrong Biennale:

«Lucky Charms for Dinner explores how the hyper connectivity and the new forms of communication influence our feelings, emotions, lifestyle and idea of the body. The project addresses the feeling that our life is going (positively or negatively) too fast. We have no time to take care of ourself, to have a break, to think about anything, not even to iron our shirts. Always on the road, always behind our contemporary frenetic rhythm, and constantly connected through our devices, we end up to overcharge ourself of commitments of any kinds, aware that we don’t have enough time or resources to do everything. We take our laptops everywhere, exploiting every moment to do all we can do. And we end up having lucky charms for dinner. This online exhibition was put together by sending out invitations to the artists involved in the very last days of the curatorial process. The works on show are projects or ideas of the very last moment, and dealing with this topic of acceleration. Curated by: Kamilia Kard – Featured artists: Solimán López, Sabrina Melis, Rollin Leonard, Mårten Spångberg, Michael Staniak, Mara Oscar Cassiani, Miyö Van Stenis, Emilie Brout and Maxime Marion, Jonathan Monaghan, Elisa Giardina Papa, Alix Desaubliaux, Tianzhuo Chen, Macci Lee. From the 24th of November ‘Lucky Charms For Dinner Live Show’ features the work of four more artists: Caroline Delieutraz, Kristin Lucas, Matías Ezequiel Reyes and Kate Durbin.»

We are so fucked in the (first) real world with no time for thinking just for typing, leaving the machines talk for ourselves hoping that the message is ours, but it´s just an illusion. The message is just a file compiled for our understanding and misunderstanding of what means DIGITAL.

This is the message that the piece displays in the emoticons´ run. A final sprint that simulates our autonomous speech in the digital era. Regarding to the pavilion theme, created by Kamilia Kard, Solimán López creates this simple interactive piece to attend this idea of living fast, with no conscience of ourselves and the space we occupy in a world that is spinning around the dematerialization of time. Push the E-motion buttons to begin the run.