New media conceptual artist and researcher, specialized in science, biotechnology, web3.0, interactives and digital art.

Harddiskmuseum, OLEA bio token and Introns DNA digital entities founder.

Innovation Director at ESAT (Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología).

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Solimán López, born in Burgos, Spain in 1981, develops his artistic production between his studio in Paris, France (UAS, Updated Art Studio) and ESAT LAB, Innovation department that he runs at ESAT, Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología de Valencia, Spain.

His career as an art historian and master’s degree in Art and Communication have conditioned his artistic evolution towards what we could call conceptual technological art.
His work with the meaning and nature of digital archives, as shown by some pieces such as the Harddiskmuseum, an art museum on a hard disk, Framed Memory Card, Host-in, Langpath or File Genesis or more recent works in which virtual and analog worlds are connected through photogrammetry as in High Meshes, are examples of his interest in human presence and its impact in this era of communication and digitalization.

In line with this breaking down of the two frontiers, we can find pieces such as GRID, an audiovisual symphony modulated in real time by the wifi signal of nearby devices, Celeste, which connects the digitised skies of different places in the world also, in real time, or Bioma, a sculpture that creates digital abstractions through biometric data of its environment.

Technically, his works are achieved thanks to the combination of 3D techniques, electronics, software programming, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and digital synchronization.

His career has been built on festivals, biennials, art centers, events and museums in Spain, USA. U, China, South Korea, France, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Greece, Uruguay, Germany, England, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland among other locations, highlighting the events of the Biennial of Digital Art in Brazil, the Biennial Nemo de Paris (Variations Art Fair), the Chronus Art Center in Shanghai, ISSEA 2019, the ZKM of Karlsruhe, Art Santa Mónica of Barcelona, the CCCC of Valencia, the IVAM of Valencia, Etopia of Zaragoza, the CAB of Burgos, the CEART of Fuenlabrada in Madrid, La Lonja of Alicante, Cigarreras of Alicante, CAC of Málaga, Es Baluard museum of Mallorca or the Nuit Blanche of Paris 2019.

His work as a researcher in new media has been shared in several universities such as the UFSM in Brazil, the University Carlos III in Madrid, the Google Campus in Madrid, the UPV in Valencia, the Bancaja Fundación, the Injuve, TEDx Valladolid, the Universidad de Cuenca, the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina, MediaLab Prado, Madrid or Technarte Bilbao, among others.

Among his most recent projects is the development of DAI, an identity document built by an artificial intelligence, which gives rise to a new imaginary of culture, society and humanity in the XXI century.

Solo Exhibitions


VI7A Collection. Sens Research Foundation.

OLEA airdrop installation. Karachi Biennal. Karachi, Pakistan

OLEA immersive screen experience. Design Food Festival. Roca Gallery, Madrid. Spain

INTRONS Introspection. A-Pick Gallery, Torino, Italy

CELESTE immersive experience. MAAT Lisbon. Portugal

OLEA Ingest. Spanish Pavillion. Expo Dubai 20. Dubai. UAE

CELESTE Time-Lapse AI special Drop. Artpool. Online

OLEA Cells.

CELESTE AI Time Lapse.


BOT (Bio Operational Transmission). Arebyte Aos

Limbos. ART ARMY Metaverse

Paquete Semanal. Cuba. Harddiskmuseum.


CELESTE V.2. Colombia-España.

Planetario Bogotá

Parque Explora Medellín

Museo La Tertulia Cali

Casa América Madrid.


Look At. Barcú, Bogotá. Colombia

Skinning. CEART, Fuenlabrada. Madrid. Spain.

High Meshes. CCCC. Valencia. Spain.

The Runner. Callao. Madrid. Spain.

The Runner V.2. Port Authority. New York. EE.UU


Subsurface. EP7 Paris. France.

Bounding Box. Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, China.

Waterfly Effect. CAB, Burgos. Spain.

Key Axis. CAB, Burgos. Spain.

Waterfly Effect. Espacio Lab. Rosario, Argentina.


• Bridges to Steganos. Internet Moon Gallery. Netart.

File Genesis. Etopia Art for Art and Technology. Zaragoza.

CELESTE. Veles e Vents. Valencia. The ReCollector. Mi* Galerie. Paris.

CELESTE. Point Ephémère. Paris. File Genesis. Centre del Carmen. Valencia.

Harddiskmuseum. Arts Santa Monica. Barcelona.


File Genesis. Centre del Carmen. Valencia.

Harddiskmuseum Live Session V.06. MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

Harddiskmuseum Live Session V.05. Museo de BBAA Palacio Evita Ferreyra, Córdoba, Argentina.

Harddiskmuseum Live Session V.04. Museo de BBAA y Artistas Contemporáneos Timoteo Navarro, Tucumán, Argentina.

Gutenberg Discontinuity. UNESP. Campus Assis. Brazil.

Harddiskmuseum. Live Session V.03. Desing+ Art, Science and Technology. UFSM. Santa María. Brazil.

Harddiskmuseum Live Session V.02. Technarte, Bilbao.

More than 404. Online art action.

Harddiskmuseum Live Session V.01. Las Naves Centro de Creación Contemporánea.

Tecnometrías. IVAM (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno).


Gutenberg Discontinuity. Festival

Intramurs. Centro Museo del Carmen. Valencia.

Gutenberg Discontinuity. Festival Z Jornadas de A C. Espacio urbano. Córdoba.

Gutenberg Discontinuity. Summa Art Fair. Matadero Madrid.

Tecnometrías. CAC Málaga.



Gutenberg Discontinuity. Festival Estoquees. Facultad BBAA Granada.

Gutenberg Discontinuity. Sala Orive. Córdoba.

Re-Set. Mercouri Estate Residency. Greece Create an Accident project.


Link to. Atocha. Madrid.

“Wannabe”. Laboratorio de artes de Valladolid. LAVA.

“Follow Us”. Madatac04. Centro de Cultura y Ciudadanía Cibeles, Madrid.


“Balas”, Noche Blanca del Flamenco. Bulevar Gran Capitán. Córdoba.

“Plenty”, Estación Central de Renfe. Córdoba.

“Time moves threads”, Bullit de Blau Gallery. Ibiza.

“Diversiones, “video juegos”.Biblioteca Central. Córdoba.


Nothing to say. Festival Óptica. Filmoteca Andalucía. Córdoba.


Worldwide Cube. Eutopía Festival.

Talks and workshop invitations (Selection)

Arte, comunicación y estrategias publicitarias en las nuevas narrativas transmedia. Jornadas de experimentación creativa. Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. Madrid.

Workshop. Digitalizando el mundo. Etopia Center for Art and Technology. Zaragoza.

Workshop. Site specific VR. Etopia Center for Art and Technology. Zaragoza.

Conservación, divulgación y nuevas prácticas artísticas. Etopia Center for Art and Technology. Zaragoza.

Nuevas experiencias culturales: el impacto de lo virtual. Semana de la Cultura digital. Universidad Carlos III. Medialab Prado, Madrid.

Dataismo. Seminario de narrativas Hipertexturales. Montevideo (Uruguay)-Valencia (Spain).

Dataismo. Art and Speculative Futures. CCCB. Barcelona.

Dataism conference. Pizza&Tech. MAC. Bahía Blanca. Argentina.

Dataism conference. Design+ Art, Science and Technology. UFSM. Santa María. Brazil.

Virtual Reality Workshop. Design+ Art, Science and Technology. UFSM. Santa María. Brazil.

Conference in Technarte Bilbao. Art as an information repository. Infomaniac.

Talk Festival Digitall. Photogrammetry.

Talk IVAM about Art and Technology.

Photogrammetry and 3D scanning workshop. Festival Brieffestival. Medialab Prado. Ma- drid.

Talk in IVAM, Valencia about ANT Show in Punto Gallery.

Talk in Fundación Bancaja about new tech and Picasso.

TEDTalk in TEDx Valladolid.

Pechakucha Valencia about Harddiskmusuem.

Identidades inalcanzables workshop. Sala Amadis. Injuve. Madrid.

3D web spaces Master Class. IFAB. UPV. Valencia.

 CAAC Cuenca. Jornadas sobre colecciones y archivos de arte contemporáneo.

Collective Exhibitions


OLEA. Digital Art Biennial. Brazil. Oi Futuro, Río de Janeiro. Brazil

OLEA. Computing Beauty. A.Dition Gallery. Seoul. South Corea

NFT Show Europe. Vertex 3 robotic installation. Museo de las Ciencias, Valencia, Spain

NFT Show Europe. Vertex 3 robotic installation. Museo de las Ciencias, Valencia, Spain

Limbology. Barcú Festival. Bogotá. Colombia

Introns Disposition V.3. Festival de la Imagen. Museo Tadeo. Bogotá. Colombia

Introns. ETH Barcelona,. Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB), Spain

Introns and OLEA. NFT Barcelona, Circulo BBAA, Barcelona, Spain

Introns Disposition V.1. ISEA22. Instituto Espronceda, Barcelona

Introns Disposition V.2. ARS ELECTRONCIA. Linz, Austria

Neonumens.Réseaux-Mondes. Centre Pompidou, Paris. France

OLEA Spin Baró Gallery. ARCO Madrid 22. Spain

Introns. Urvanity Art Fair. Duran Monkey Gallery. Madrid. Spain

CELESTE, SUPER SUPER LIKE, Conde Duque, Madrid. Spain


Harddiskmuseum DNA Version. Hash Tree. Baró Gallery. ARCO Madrid. Spain

OLEA Cylinder. Espronceda Art&Culture Institute. Ars Electronica Barcelona Garden. Barcelona. Spain

Neonumens. Instructions to follow. Feral File

OLEA Cylinder. Espronceda Art&Culture Institute. Ars Electronica Barcelona Garden. Barcelona. Spain

OLEA AR Forever too much, much too forever. Nuit Blanche, Paris. France

OLEA Cylinder Ukrainian Biennale of Digital and Media Art. Kiev. Ukraine

OLEA GENESIS Durán Subastas. Madrid. Spain

OLEA. Crypto Roots Metaverse. Sonar + Festival

OLEA. Piero Atchugarry Gallery. Artissima Fair, Toronto. Italia

CELESTE. Super Super Like. Conde Duque, Madrid. Spain.

OLEA. Lab Gallery Foresight.

OLEA. Celestaial Hermitage. Hermitage Museum Metaverse


Apeiron. Web Biennial. Istanbul.

Well Now WTF. Silicon Valet.

Finding Art Public Digital Art. Madrid.

Virtual Archipielago. Re-act. Online.


FACES, Es Baluard. Mallorca. Spain.

Primitivo, Casa Hoffmann. Bogotá. Colombia.

ISEA2019. Gwangju. South Korea.


FAD Bienal de Arte Digital. Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte (Brazil).

Open Codes, ZKM. Karlsruhe (Germany)

Wrong Biennial.


Intervalo. Cigarreras. Alicante (Spain)

Vartiations Media Art Fair. Paris (France)

Open Codes, ZKM. Karlsruhe (Germany)

Les Horribles Cernetes. Festival Zedre. Centro el Carmen de Cultura Contemporánea.

Harddiskmuseum. Foro ARCO´17. Madrid.


Proyector International Videoart Festival. Espacio Nadie Nunca Nada No.

Technarte Bilbao. Harddiskmuseum.

UPHO Festival. Málaga.

JustTech en JustMad7. Artista invitado. Galería Punto.

El barco de Teseo. Universidad de León. España.

El barco de Teseo. CCE Nicaragua.

El barco de Teseo. CCE El Salvador.

El barco de Teseo. CCE Mexico.


El barco de Teseo. Sala Amadis. Madrid.

ANT. Arte y Naturalezas Tecnológicas. Galería Punto. Valencia.

Festival MIA. Chicago and Pasadena.

Sustratos. IVAM. (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno).


EspacioEnter. Tenerife.

Au pie de la montagne. Flores do Cabo Gallery. Sintra. Portugal.

Iberart. Museo ABC. Madrid.

Iberart. Palacio de Exposiciones de Castilla y León.

Summa Art Fair. Punto Gallery Valencia.


Festival Videoarte Camagüey (Cuba)

berart. Museo del Grabado Fuendetodos. Zaragoza.


Bienal arte Emergente “El legado cinético” MAC Venezuela. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas.

Videolooking, Hospitalet. Barcelona.

“Charco”, Buenos Aires Oculto. Buenos Aires.


“Carpets”, Space 16 Asas. Córdoba.

Madatac, Matadero (Madrid)

Horizontal/Vertical. ICAS. Sevilla.


“Laguna Awards”. Valladolid.

Rei en Jaume Awards. Mallorca.

Festival BAC ́10. Galería Zero. Barcelona.

Óptica Festival. Córdoba.


Futura. Festival Periferias. Huesca.

ArtTechMedia. Córdoba.

Mentions and awards


Technarte, Bilbao. Artist selected.


SCAN art incorporation by Nerea Ubieto.

ADA (Archive of Digital Art), Austria. Art incorporation.

The Lighting Mind. Artist of the month.


Stigmart. Selection.

Scholarship. Encontro Artistas Novos.

Cidade da Cultural. Santiago Compostela.


“Social Robots”, selección Art Clinic, Art Jove Center. Barcelona.

“”. 5o FIVAC. Festival Internacional de Video Arte. Camagüey. Cuba.

Create an Accident, Residency. Mercouri Estate. Grecia.


Selection Bienal MAC “El legado cinético”. Venezuela.

Selection TEDx Art Valladolid.


Selection “U_Lad, la ciudad Provocada”. ICAS. Sevilla.

Selection Madatac Festival. Matadero. Madrid.

Award “Artista del mes Noviembre” MadridArtProcess.


Selection “Awards Laguna”. Valladolid.

Selection “Awards Rei en Jaume”, Mallorca.

Selection Festival BAC ́10, Barcelona.

Selection Festival Óptica. Córdoba.

Open Mind Award. Finalista. Junta de Andalucía.


Award Córdoba Joven. IAJ (Junta de Andalucía)


Scholarship Iniciarte, proyecto Transversal.

Scholarship Fundación Botí, Córdoba.

Scholarship Área de Cultura Ayuntamiento Córdoba.

Selection Art Tech Media.