Kinetic sculpture that represents in real time the transfer of files from a database of moving bodies. Files of type BVH (biovision hierarchical files) are transferred between servers in the northern and southern hemispheres coinciding with the movement of the blades of the sculpture.



Kinetic sculpture: 6x4m. Metal structure, 1 motor, 2 screens, 4 RaspberryPi, 4 Arduino, presence sensor. Custom software. 4 Servers.

Exhibited in:

Espacio OI Futuro, Río de Janeiro, Brazil / Museu de Arte de Pampulha, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Both in the Bienal of Digital Art of Brazil.

Produced in ESAT with Toni Vaca and José Luis Hidalgo with the support of Subdirección General y de Promoción de la Cultura de España.