Developed in ESAT LAB for FAD Biennial of Digital Art, Brazil.

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“Langpath” is an interactive art cinetic sculpture, working in real time with real information (files), stored in different servers distributed in the north and south hemisphere on the planet Earth. The piece works as an interface for displaying a looping process of digital files traveling, going from one server in the north hemisphere to the other one placed in the south.
The files, that are previously uploaded to the origin and destiny servers, are choose randomly by the system, activated thanks to the spectator presence who can visualised this process of data transference in real time.
The custom software that is behind the artwork, also saves all the information related with the amount of bytes transfered, the distance traveled by the information and shows the database of files stored in all the servers. The files that are stored and in movement from one server to the other, are BHV (Biovision Hieralchal) files. This means motion capture files. This kind of files are obtained thanks to motion capture, where the human body is tracked with a virtual skeleton. The result is a huge data information of the virtual bones positions in the X,Y,Z axis. With this kind of files, Solimán López, stays working in the idea of showing how means digital, putting in front the material of what the digital files are made of. This files are recordings of bodies in movements, putting in contact the real world with the virtual one, as the piece is doing with its movement from up and down, getting the information of the hybrid space.

Logical performance
The screens displays the raw information of the BVH files, that is basically the join movement in the X,Y,Z three dimensional axis.
2 screens that moves 45% degrees.
When the screen goes down, pick up the next one file from the server and the system begins to transfer it to the other one server. During this transfer, the screen is rotating going to the top position leaving the file and picking up another one creating the perpetual exchanging whenever someone is in front of the piece. During this path, the screens are displaying the raw data in movement, roaming all the content. The opposite screen is doing the same but with other two servers available in the system.

Date: 2018
EXHIBITION IN: Bienal Arte Digital Brazil
KEYWORDS: real time, data transfer, interactive, biovision, motion capture, mechanical, cinetic, visual data, conceptual, files.
DETAILS: Metal sculpture structure, screens, motor, presence sensor, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, custom software.
Interactive and cinetic sculpture.
CREDITS: Project Manager: Beatriz Ingelmo. Technological assistance: Toni Vaca. Server Programming: José Luís Jiménez. Graphic Programming: José Luís Hidalgo. Curated by: Tadeus Mucelli and Ivan Ramos. Photography and video documentation: Estúdio Alicate.