Gutenberg Discontinuity

With Rubén Tortosa, Miguel Sánchez and Nilo Casares.
Actions developed:
– 03 de Abril 2014. Facultad de Bellas Artes de Granada.
– 17 de Abril 2014. Sala de Exposiciones del Palacio de Orive. Córdoba.
– 16 de Julio 2014: Mercury State. Create an Accident Residence. Grecia.
– 14 de Septiembre 2015: Jornadas Z de Arte Contemporáneo. Moltalbán (Córdoba).
– 07 de Noviembre 2015: Festival Intramurs. Museo Centro del Carmen, Valencia.
– 17 de Junio 2016: UNESP. Campus Assis. Brasil.

Serie of performative actions that give meaning to the concept of digital burial.
In them, Solimán López and Rubén Tortosa, buried systematically different computers concept symbolized by the tower or CPU.
These computers are hold inside just one single file. This file is the three-dimensional model of a hard disk signed of with the location in longitude-latitude where the computer will be buried.
This file is previously reproduced by a 3D printer.
The original, the giver of life to that object, is buried.
Piece shows concepts like reproducibility in art, digital identity, contemporary vulnerability or impairment.