SUBSURFACE, New installation on EP7 screens

New public installation for the EP7 screen in Paris.

The EP7 screen is one of the most original one in the world, because its composition.
Normaly, a screen looks for a square shape, with a single image in the background, sending a unique message covering the whole surface of the screen.

In this case, the screen creates a new architectonic skin, based on a geometric composition that invites to break and slice the image.

The digital information is created in packages, that are analyses and processed by the computer in pieces of information. Even the body, when is analyses for the computer, is fragmented into millions of small parts.

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The same happens in technologies of digital capture, such the photogrammetry, where a body or general object is photographed and with this data, the software creates a three dimensional body even with the textures. This texture can be composed as a mosaic, a random distribution of pixels making a very powerful image based on this raw information.

This is the main idea of “Subsurface”, a video data production “ad hoc” for the EP7, based in a facade that is deconstructed with a body that is also deconstructed in millions of micro sections.

But that´s not enough. Digital is a question of process that are happening in the background, millions of numbers, algorithms and code structures that make posible the magic of the image. This data is under the skin of the image, and that information is what the video shows underneath the textures that comes from photogrammetry shootings.

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